Stucco Repair

 Improper application EIFS (Stucco), flashing or caulking is a great concern, as it allows for moisture penetration that might get trapped behind the EIFS and form molds or cracks. An Exterior Insulation System is extremely water tight, but not following the minimum constructions standards, practices and building codes, can lead to a failed system that deterioates over time. Some of the older stucco systems only consisting of wires mesh, scratch coat,brown coat and a finish coat with little to no water resistive barriers or properties, can also form cracks over time and are more prone to deteriorate compared to modern systems.

    It’s important to consult with a professional about repairing damage to stucco and at Uygur Stucco, we can work with you to determine the best and cost effective solution to repair your home! We provide you with a no obligation consultation where we go out and inspect the damage, determine the best possible solution and provide you with an estimate on the cost and how long the project will take. It’s that simple!
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