Benefits of EIFS (Stucco)

Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS) or Stucco is an exterior wall claddings system that consists of a weather resistive barrier surrounding the substrate, insulation board, followed by a fiber glass reinforced base coat and a textured coloured finish coat. EIFS has a variety of benefits that makes it a great solution as an exterior siding for both residential and commercial properties.
EIFS (Stucco) is one of the more lightweight solutions when compared to otherwall cladding systems like masonry or traditional stucco. EIFS can weigh about 0.50kg/ft 2 , which creates a much lighter dead load on the exterior of buildings. This is a great benefit, especially for retrofitting older homes with already heavy exterior walls. You can apply EIFS directly on top of them and not worry about excessive load on the structure.
EIFS (Stucco) is extremely flexible due to its acrylic finishes and expanded polystyrene foam. It’s far more resistant to cracks caused by building movement compared to other rigid cladding systems.
A professionally installed Exterior Insulation Finishing System (Stucco) can be an excellent energy efficient solution for both residential and commercial properties. External insulation systems can be far more efficient than internal batt insulations that are inserted only into the stud cavities. EIFS essentially covers the entire building in a blanket of expanded polystyrene and greatly reduces the amount of energy that’s able to escape. An EIFS R-value (resistance to heat flow) can cut back significant amounts in energy costs.
EIFS (Stucco) finishes are available in an unlimited range of colours and a large selection of textures. Not only are there hundreds of standard colours to choose from, a custom matched colour can also be made to match existing stucco or other exterior colours. This gives customers the ability to choose a colour that best represents them or their business. A wide variety of moulding trims, quoins, sills and columns are also available that brings elegance and finesse to both residential/commercial properties.
EIFS (Stucco) is manufactured to be an excellent barrier against moisture penetration. The final layer of EIFS consisting of base coat, fiberglass mesh and finish coat is the first line of defense against moisture intrusion. Not only is it a great water repellent, it’s also a breathable coating that allows water vapour inside the wall system to evaporate.The second line of defense is a water resistant barrier applied directly on the substrate. This coating can be either a vapour permeable or a vapour retarder depending on wall performance requirements.
EIFS (Stucco) is much more affordable than other wall cladding systems while still providing a heap of benefits and energy efficiency to buildings. Materials manufactured for EIFS installation are light weight and are easy to work with. They have low maintenance costs associated with them and are fairly simple to repair in comparison to other systems.
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